Hamilton County Recorder Scott Crowley is pleased to announce on Friday, January 15, 2021, The Hamilton County Recorder’s Office released access to over One Million images of Deed Books from the years 1930 to 1961. These were the books stored in the basement - Deed Book volumes 1524 to 3193.

You can now copy or download, free of charge, redacted images from these Deed Books off our website. These deeds can be found here in our Deed Books Search.

We will continue to scan and redact older deed images for the time frame of 1900 to 1929. Deeds from 1789 to 1899 and Deeds from 1930 to 1988 are available on our Document Search. Deeds from 1988 to the current date are searchable by Official Record Book and Name Search.

We are closing the gap and hope to have a full digital library of all Deeds available to research, access and copy in the near future!