The Recorder’s Office is just one of many locations where Liens may be filed. The Liens filed at the Recorder’s Office are those that are required by law to be filed here. To begin your search for a Lien, please click here to access our search site.

For a list of the types of Liens filed at the Recorder’s Office, please see below:

Bond Lien BL
Broker Lien BRL
Bureau of Worker’s Compensation Lien BWC
Child Support Lien CSL, NCCS
Condominium Lien MT
Corrupt Activity Lien CAL
County Commissioners Lien CC
Federal Environmental Lien FED
Federal Tax Lien FED
Financial Responsibility Bond Lien FRBL
Judgement in Favor of U.S. FED
Land Contract LC
Lien on Public Funds LPF
Mechanics Lien ML
Miscellaneous MISC
Mortgage MT
Notice of Lien NOL
Ohio Bureau of Employment Lien OBE
Personal Property Tax Lien PPTL
Summary of No Further Action (Ohio EPA) SNFA
Sundries SUN
Sundries Mortgage SMT
Judgment Lien JUDG
Pending Suit PS