The Hamilton County Recorder’s Office is looking for outstanding people and projects in Hamilton County to recognize with our annual Griffin Yeatman Historical Achievement Award.

The Hamilton County Recorder’s Office created The Griffin Yeatman Award in 1994 as an annual award. It recognizes the citizens and groups of Hamilton County who volunteer their time and services to preserving and promoting the history of Hamilton County. The award also recognizes those people who work to help others understand historic preservation and promote public interest.

The Griffin Yeatman Award is presented for excellence in historical preservation, research, or achievement which has contributed to the preservation of buildings, sites, structures and objects pertaining to Hamilton County’s history.

Please respond by May 31 and limit submission to five (5) pages of documentation.

Nomination forms can be filled out online, click here.

Send your application that contains all of the requested information by e-mail to facilitate the application process, or you may choose to send the application by U.S. Mail.

For more information, contact:

David M. Pittinger
Chief of Staff
Hamilton County Recorder's Office
138 East Court Street, Suite 209
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Phone: 513-946-4573

Griffin Yeatman was a Cincinnati pioneer and the Hamilton County Recorder from 1825 thru 1843. He ran the “Square and Compass” tavern inn which was visited by many famous guests among them Lafayette, George Roger Clark, Andrew Jackson and Aaron Burr.

Griffin Yeatman was the first Hamilton County Recorder to be elected by the citizens of Hamilton County.

For a list of previous winners, please click here.

Nomination forms can be filled out online, click here.