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    Plat Maps

    This information may come in handy to those involved in surveying or historic research.

    317.32 ORC - Recording Fees (for Plats)

    In any county in which the recorder employs the photostatic or any similar process for recording maps, plats, or prints the recorder shall determine, charge, and collect for the recording or rerecording of any map, plat, or print, a base fee of five cents and a housing trust fund fee of five cents per square inch, for each square inch of the map, plat, or print filed for that recording or rerecording, with a minimum base fee of twenty dollars and a minimum housing trust fund fee of twenty dollars; for certifying a copy from the record, a base fee of two cents and a housing trust fund fee of two cents per square inch of the record, with a minimum base fee of two dollars and a minimum housing trust fund fee of two dollars.

    Minimum Base fee for Recording a Plat:  10 cents per square inch - minimum base fee of $40.00 per plat. Any plat smaller than 20" x 20" (example 11" x 17") should be rung up as 20" x 20" @ .10 = $40.00

    Note: We modified our web site to consolidate recorded plats into our main search site. We have enhanced our Unregistered Land Plat Book and Page search to find ALL UL plats recorded (regardless of date). We created a Registered Land Plat Book and Page search. We enhanced it to find ALL RL plats recorded (regardless of date).

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    6)  Subdivisions

    7)  Plat Maps from Common Pleas Court

    8)  Complete Record To Plats, January 1, 1874

    9)  Water Lines, Surv, Easements & Annexation Index

    10) Restored Records

    11)  Map of Symmes Survey - 1824

    12)  Plan of Cincinnati 1802


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