1794 to 1846

Partnerships were recorded in Deed Books A to W2 (1794-1823) and #21 to #130. The deed books are indexed in the Deed Book Indexes #1 to #4. Partnerships can be found in Sundries Index #1. These books are available on microfilm at the following locations:

  • Recorder’s Office, 138 East Court St., downtown Cincinnati
  • Cincinnati History Library and Archives, Cincinnati Museum Center, 1301 Western Ave.

1846 to 1915

Partnerships were recorded in Partnership Book #1 and indexed in Partnership Index Book #1. See also Sundries Indexes #1, #2 and #3. These books and index are available on microfilm at the following locations:

  • Recorder’s Office, see above
  • Cincinnati History Library and Archives, see above

Only the index is available online at the Hamilton County Genealogical Society website.

These books and indexes are available online at the FamilySearch.org website :-).

The Family Search collection covers many types of Hamilton County Records. Halfway down the FamilySearch.org website :-), below “View Images in this Collection”, click on the link which reads: “Browse through 1,5xx,xxx images”. On the next webpage is a short list of record types, for the partnership books, click on “Land and property records”.

On the right side is a scroll bar which you can use to go through the list to the link listed here:

Record Type, Volume, and Year Range

Partnership document index, vol 1, 1846-1934
Partnership documents, vol 1, 1846-1887
Partnership documents, vol 2, 1887-1934

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Please note, these images are exact copies of book pages on microfilm.

1915 to 1988

Partnerships were recorded in various books in this period. They are all available at the Recorder’s Office on microfilm. For more information contact the Recorder’s Office or see the Reference below.


More information on the various types of partnership records can be found on page 129 of this book:

Hamilton County, Ohio, Guide to Recorder’s indexes and Documents 1794-1988, by William H. Graver (2003), Little Miami Publishing, Milford Ohio.

Copies are available at the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, 800 Vine St. Cincinnati Ohio