This information may come in handy to those involved in historic research or genealogy

Scott Crowley & Jim Dempsey

Recorder Scott Crowley welcomes the partnership with the Hamilton County Genealogical Society. Pictured here with long- time volunteer and honorary archivist Jim Dempsey. The Recorder’s office is pleased to continue the long-standing relationship with the Society in providing historic records and online access.

  1. Historic Records
  2. Grantor and Grantee Deed Indexes
  3. Registered Land Deed Indexes
  4. Cemetery Locations
  5. Directory For Series Books
  6. Fence Award Book (PDF)
  7. Deed to John C. Symmes (Patent) (PDF)
  8. Hamilton County History
  9. Map of Symmes Survey - 1824 (PDF)
  10. Plan of Cincinnati 1802
  11. Cincinnati Street Index - 1913 (PDF)