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    Historic Records at Website

    In 2014, the Recorder's Office staff and Family Search staff created 1,566,282 high resolution images from research room microfilms. These "gray scale" page images are available at website. For an example of a FamilySearch "gray scale" image, click here. In contrast, for an example of the same image as "bitonal" (black and white) on this website, click here. See below for instructions on how to access images at website. Many of these records are now available by book number and page number from the main search page on this website under the "Document Images" drop-down menu.

    HCRO Record Types Online at Family Search

    The table below is a summary of the records available from FamilySearch. Click here for a detailed list of those record books.

    Cemetery lot index (1859-1934)
    Chattel mortgages & miscellaneous#1, #2(1858-1908)
    Deed books#477 to #854(1877-1901)
    Deed indexes#1-21A(1794-1904)
    Lease books#1 to #112(1847-1902)
    Lease book indexes#1, #2, #3(1858-1901)
    Miscellaneous index (1859-1908)
    Mortgage books#20 to #715(1823-1896)
    Mortgage release books#1, #2(1892-1949)
    Mortgage Release book index (1892-1905)
      geographical indexes#1 to #7 
      for deeds and mortgages (1794-1938)
    Mechanic Lien books#1-21(1843-1903)
    Partnership books#1, #2(1846-1934)
    Partnership index#1(1846-1934)
    Power of Attorney books#1 to #9(1848-1910)
    Society and church document index (1847-1919)
    Sundries indexes#1 to 8(1794-1969)

    HCRO Record formats at Family Search

    In general, many Recorder's Office historic records that were originally written in books, when microfilmed, only used up part of the microfilm reel. So the microfilms, available in the Recorder's Office research room carousels, have more than one book on them. When scanned in 2014, Family Search separated the books. However, when a book was continued on the next reel, continued pages were not joined to the first part of the book.

    For example, from the Family Search 'Land and property records' web page see this entry:

         Deeds, vol 697, p 200-634, 1890

    Clicking on this link, the first page you will see is the title page, indicated as     <  Image [     1  ] of 437  >
    So, if you want to see deed book 697 page 350, you will need to type 152 in the Image number field:   <  Image [   152  ] of 437  >
    and press Enter on your keyboard. This is because you need to subtract the beginning page number in this link (which is 200) from the page number you seek (page 350) and add 2 because of the title page they have added. (Title page is image 1. Image 2 is the first page in this group, Page 200:  350 - 200 + 2 = Image 152).

    Accessing HCRO Records at Family Search

    To access these records, use this link to go to the Ohio, Hamilton County Records, 1791-1994 launch page of the website. A page will appear with the content listed below. On their site, click on the link 'Browse through 1,566,282 images'. The Family Search Sign in screen appears. If you already have a Family Search account, sign in with your username and password. Otherwise, click the button to "Create a Free Account". After you are signed in, click on the 'Land and property records' link. Scroll down the record list until you find the link to your book of interest. Click the link to show the images of the pages available. Individual page images can be downloaded to your computer or printed.


    Court records from the County Recorder and the Probate Court in Cincinnati, Ohio. The collection includes land records, military records, naturalization records, probate records, and vital records This collection is being published as images become available.

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    Citing this Collection
    "Ohio, Hamilton County Records, 1791-1994." Images. FamilySearch. : 14 June 2016. Hamilton County Recorder's Office, Cincinnati.


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