Deed Book Numbering

When separate mortgage books began in 1823 with book #20, book #21 was made primarily a deed book. From that point on, as the books were filled, the next number was assigned to either deeds or mortgages depending on which was filled first. This continued until book #239. From that number onward, there is a deed book and mortgage book with the same number.

Page Numbering

The deed book page images were created by converting reels of microfilm to digital files. The sequential frames of film became the sequential digital page images. Frame 1 of the film became page 1. Frame 1 is often a title page for the book. The second frame of film (page 2) then became what is stamped/labeled page 1. This means if you are searching for page 50 of a book you should enter 51 in the Page Number search. Or, if you enter page 50 in the search, you get to the image of page 49. You will have to click next page (frame 51) to get to the actual image for page 50.

Many of the books were photographed with the left and right hand pages together. Therefore by entering a page number from the indexes, the pages shown in the display window will be pages numbered about twice the value of the page you want to view.

So, to get close to the page desired, enter a “page” number that is one half the value of the page that is desired. For example, to see page 100, image = 100/2 = 50, plus 1 (for title page) = 51. Therefore, enter a “page” number of 51 and use the previous page or next page arrows in the page display window to get to the page you want.

Another trick you can use to determine the last “image” in the book (which may not match the number of the last page) follow the example here:

  1. On the Deed Book Document Image Search page: Enter the book number in which you are interested, example Deed Book: 211
  2. Enter Deed Page as “1”. There is always a first image/page.
  3. When the Document Image Viewer window pops up, you will be looking at image 1 of Deed Book 211.
  4. Click the Next Book button that reads { (D) 212/1> }
  5. Now you are looking at image 1 of Deed Book #212. Look at the Previous Book button that reads { < (D) 211/322 }
  6. That tells you Deed Book #211 has 322 images. If the page you are seeking is higher than the image count, then you should divide the page number by two and enter that value in the Deed Page box to start looking at that point.

Quality of images

Over 80,000 pages are in deed books #21 to #852. Those online as of Jan. 2017 were processed with uniform image enhancement settings. As time permits, all the pages will be reviewed. Those of poor quality will be individually enhanced to provide the best image possible.

A disastrous court house fire in March 1884 damaged many county books. Surviving information in the burnt books was painstakingly copied into new books in the same position as the original, almost as if a modern photocopy machine was used. Those pages totally destroyed are indicated in the table as missing due to the fire. Click here to view the Deeds 21-4414 Reference Table (PDF).