RL Certificate Books Directory (PDF)

The Registered Land Certificate books were filmed and stored on rolls of microfilm. One could view the images using the microfilm reader/viewer machines in our office. The certificates on the film are in order by Certificate Number. The rolls of film with the RL certificates have the certificate images in sequence by their certificate number. With your RL certificate number of interest, you would look up the number of the Certificate Book you need using the RL Certificate Books Directory (PDF). Once you determine the book number, you would know which roll of film to search to find your certificate. Insert the film in the reader/viewer machine and scroll through until you find your certificate.

Now, searching online, you can enter the RL book number in the Registered Land Certificate Books Document Image Search page. Enter a Registered Land Certificate Page number or number 1. (This number corresponds to the page number in the certificate book.) Click the Search button. When the document image viewer appears, you can use the “Previous Page” and “Next Page” buttons to scroll through the images until you find your certificate number of interest.

Note: If you suspect your certificate is closer to the end of the book, enter the next higher book number and certificate page number 1. When the document image viewer appears, click the “Previous Book” button to get to the last image in the previous book (which has your certificate number of interest). The “Previous Page” button will let you scroll backwards through the images to locate your certificate. The “Previous Book” button will also show the total number of images in the previous book. That may help you make a better guess for where your certificate may be in the book.

Each certificate has 1 or more pages. The Certificate Number appears in the upper right corner of each page of the certificate. The label on the page next to the Certificate Number reads “PAGE NO.” or “PAGE” or “No.”