Descriptions of Mortgage books numbered 20 to 4810 can be found on the Recorder’s Office website Historic Records page.

Mortgages were recorded in Deed Books A to W2. Therefore, for the books that were indexed in the series A to W2, the mortgages are indexed in the Deed Book Indexes, # 1 to # 2. See the pages about Deed Books and Deed Book Indexes before 1823 for details on which books were indexed.

Surname indexes for Deed Books 21 through 370 can be seen at the Hamilton County Genealogical Society’s website Hamilton County Deed Index page.

Additional information on Hamilton County property records can be found at the Hamilton County Genealogical Society’s website Land Records page.


  • Mortgage books 20 through 4810 (1823 - 1988), are on microfilm at the Recorder’s Office.
  • Mortgage books 20 through 300 (1823 - 1880) are online at the Recorder’s Office website Mortgage Search page
  • Mortgage books 301 through 4810 (1880 - 1988), are on microfilm at the Recorder’s Office.

Deed books 21 through 200 also contained mortgages, releases, mechanic liens, leases, power of attorney, partnerships, veteran discharges, etc. An index for non-deed records in deed books is called Sundries Index# 1. It is available online at the Hamilton County Genealogical Society’s webpage.

Mortgage Book Numbering

Separate mortgage books began in 1823 with book# 20, which was made primarily a Mortgage book. From that point on, as the books were filled, the next number was assigned to either deeds or mortgages depending on which was filled first. This continued until book 239. From that number onward, there is a Mortgage book and deed book with the same number.

Page Numbering

The Mortgage book title page is image # 1, so to get to the page of interest, add 1 to the index page number and enter that number in the search page box.

Quality of Images

Over 69,000 pages are in Mortgage books 20 to 300. Those online as of July 2017 were originally processed with uniform image enhancement settings. As time permits, all the pages will be reviewed. Those of poor quality will be individually enhanced to provide the best image possible.

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