• The following Deed books are indexed in Deed Indexes #1: B1, C, D1, D2, E1, E2, G, H, I, J, K, L, N, Q, R1, T, U, V1, V2, W1, W2.
  • These Deed books were indexed alone: M1, R2 and S.
  • These Deed books were not indexed when they were created: A, F1, F2, O, P.
  • Deed book Index #1, and Deed books B1 to W2, A, F1, F2, O, P, M1, R2 and S have been indexed by the Hamilton County Genealogical Society in an alphabetical Finding Aid Index by surname that are available online at the Hamilton County Genealogical Society website Deed Indexes page.
  • These books and indexes are also available on microfilm at the Recorder’s Office.

Quality of images

Over 16,000 pages are in the deed books A through W2. To make the books available as soon as possible, all pages in a given book were processed with the same photo enhancement settings. As time permits, all the pages will be reviewed. Those of poor quality will be individually enhanced to provide the best image possible.

A disastrous court house fire in March 1884 damaged many county books. Surviving information in the burnt books was painstakingly copied into new books in the same position as the original, almost as if a modern photocopy machine was used. Those pages totally destroyed are indicated in the table as missing due to the fire. Detailed information on deed books A through W2 is in this table: Click here to view the Deeds A-W2 Reference Table (PDF).

Fire and water damaged 82 deed books which were copied and not indexed. Starting September 2020, those books are being indexed by volunteers. The new indexes can be seen at the Hamilton County Genealogical Society website Hamilton County Damaged Deed Books page.