Searching for Registered Land Certificates by Individual Name


This screen allows you to search for registered land certificates by the name of an individual conveyor/grantor or conveyee/grantee.


To search for documents, enter search criteria into the following fields:


Once you have entered your search criteria, click Search to find matching documents or Clear to clear all the fields so you can enter new search criteria.


If there are multiple individuals matching the name you entered, you will see the Select Certificate screen displaying a list of matching individuals and their corresponding certificate numbers. If a single individual is found matching the name you entered, and there is only one certificate recorded for that individual, you will go directly to the Certificate Detail.


NOTE: If you enter an individual for whom only documents have been recorded for land that is not registered under the Torrens Act, your search will not return any results. You must use one of the other document search options to find documents that do not involve registered land.