Searching for Documents by Individual Name


This screen allows you to search for documents by the name of an individual conveyor (seller/borrower) or conveyee (buyer/lender).


To search for documents, enter search criteria into the following fields:


Once you have entered your search criteria, click Search to find matching documents or Clear to clear ALL the fields so you can enter new search criteria. To clear individual fields click the "x" in the right side of the entry box containing the content you wish to remove.


If there are multiple individuals matching the name you entered, you will see the Select Party screen displaying a list of matching individuals. If a single individual with multiple documents is found matching the name you entered, you will see the Select Document Screen displaying a list of documents for the individual. If a single individual is found matching the name you entered, and there is only one document recorded for that individual, you will go directly to the Document Detail for that document.


NOTE: If you enter an individual for whom only registered land has been recorded, your search will not return any results. You must use one of the registered land search options to find registered land documents.
Our computer database search will yield recorded documents starting at 5/31/1988 through the present day. For images of documents recorded prior to 5/31/1988, click on the menu option "Document Images". Then, click the menu option for the type of document you seek. For documents not available online, you need to visit the Recorder's Office.