Searching by Subdivision and Lot


This screen allows you to search for documents by subdivision and lot number, providing you a geographic index of documents.


To choose the subdivision for which to search for documents, follow these steps:

  1. Using one of the first two fields on the page, narrow the list of subdivisions to make it easy for you to find the right one. You can do this by entering either the first few letters of the subdivision name OR the court case number.
  2. Once you have entered your filter criteria, press the Tab or Enter key, OR click the magnifying glass button with your mouse. The page will refresh as it loads the list of matching subdivisions.
  3. Select the subdivision you want to search (required). The Subdivision dropdown list will contain all subdivisions matching the filter criteria you entered above, in alphabetical order. Click the down arrow on the dropdown list and select a subdivision from the list. Once you select a subdivision, the page will refresh as it loads the list of lots in that subdivision.

If you want to narrow your search even further, select one or more lots in the subdivision (optional). Click one or more lot check boxes to restrict the search to only the selected lots. If no lots are checked, then all lots in the subdivision are included in the search.


Optionally, you may also narrow your search to conveyances or encumbrances by selecting the appropriate option, or limit the documents to a certain party name or date range, or document type(s) if desired.


Once you have entered the search criteria you want to use, click the Search button. You will see the Geographic Index page listing all documents matching your search criteria.