Searching by Document Number


This screen allows you to search for registered land documents by document number.


If you know the document number of the document you want to review, enter the year into the first text box and the document sequence number into the second text box, then click Search to find matching documents or Clear to clear ALL the fields so you can enter new search criteria. For documents recorded before 2018 the year prefix should be entered as the last two digits of the year (YY). For documents recorded in 2018 and after, it should be enetered as the four digit year (YYYY). If you do not know the document number, choose one of the other registered land search options in the page header, such as individual names or corporations.


NOTE: If you enter a document number that has been assigned to a document not recorded as registered land on this page, your search will not return any results. You must use one of the document search options not related to registered land documents.