Searching for Registered Land by Date Range And Document Type

This screen allows you to search for registered land documents by a date range, and optionally, a list of document types.

If you wish to find all of the documents recorded on a certain day, enter the same date in the Start Date and End Date fields, and no document types. You may only search for a single day's worth of documents if you just enter a date range with no document types.

If you wish to find certain document types over a date range, you may use a date range of up to 31 days. For example, you may search for all of the MT (Mortgage) documents entered between 12/01/2014 and 12/31/2014.

To search for documents, enter search criteria into the following fields:

Note that only documents recorded in 1988 and later are available online. For earlier documents, you need to visit the Recorder's Office.

Once you have entered your search criteria, click Search to find matching documents or Clear to clear all the fields so you can enter new search criteria.