Veteran Grave Card Search


This screen allows you to search through our collection of Veteran Grave Cards, which includes the burial records of veterans who served as far back as the Revolutionary War.


The collection of Veteran Grave Cards is ordered by Cemetery Name and War Name. We have collected a group of Grave Cards from the same Cemetery and War Name into a "Book" identified by a number, with each card given a "Page" number within the book. For example, cards in Arlington Cemetery for World War I are in book 6, while Arlington's World War II cards are in book 7. Since the database doesn't include the veteran's name or other details, the book and page number will give you a way to remember which grave card you're looking at if you'd like to see it again later.


You must start your search by choosing a Cemetery Name and/or a War Name. Some cards also include a range of the first letter of the veteran's last name. For example, if you're looking for a veteran with the last name of Olson, type "O" in the "First Letter of Last Name" field, and any card that has a last name letter range which includes "O", like "N-Z", would be found.


Once you have entered the search criteria you want to use, click the Search button. You will see the screen listing all Veteran Grave Cards matching your search criteria. From there, you can view the scanned images of the grave cards.

Collection Time Period

Gravesites were registered for all veterans from wars up to the Korean War and recorded in the County Recorder’s Office typed on index cards.

Collection History

Veterans were buried in private, public, church, national, and military post cemeteries. Others were buried on battlefields, in prison, or in hospital cemeteries. Ohio, along with other states, made a concerted effort to locate the gravesites of veterans from all wars prior to 1943. Approximately three to five percent of the population was recorded in graves registration.

Why This Collection Was Created

Grave registration cards were created to form a database of the grave locations of former military personnel buried in the Cincinnati area.

Collection Reliability

The information on the grave registration cards was taken from burial or cemetery records and may contain errors found in these sources plus possible transcription errors.

Collection Contents

Each record was typed on a 3"x5" card. The cards were stored in file drawers arranged first by the cemetery. Within each cemetery grouped by war or regular service. Within war or service, alphabetically by surname of the veteran. There is no separate overall alphabetic index.


While most of this collection are Hamilton County burials, the veteran may have died outside of the county and buried in any local cemetery in Ohio, Indiana or Kentucky.

Veteran Grave Cards may include the following information:

Why Search the Collection?

Use these records to learn birth dates, birthplaces, death dates, burial places, and other information about individuals who served in the military. This information can then lead you to other records such as census, death, burial, and military service records.